Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Link to Final Project

In this documentary, I investigate the possibility of ghosts haunting the UWF Center for Fine and Performing Arts building.
I modeled it after a little bit of Exit through the Gift Shop and Catfish, finding the use of natural camera very appealing and more expressive than if one were to get the same footage through a normal shot.

This was a major learning experience and I am glad I powered through and created this.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Project Proposal

  • Project Proposal
  • A study on the liminal spacial qualities of the Fine Arts Building (Building 82) at night, with a focus on the paranormal/supernatural aspects of the building and their effects as the night progresses. 
  • A personal stay within the building for a night period
           Both outside and Interior map of Building 82

           Liminal Space Research   

    Books focusing on the concept of ghosts on college campuses
    Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses. By Elizabeth Tucker

      Colleges focusing on their own lore

I will be collecting footage of the building demonstrating its work as a liminal space, its subject as the possible home for spirits or other supernatural beings, and the effects of liminal space and limited interaction with another human being for thirteen hours or more (9pm-10am is the estimated staying time).

I would create an interactive site that features a short introductory video and an interactive map of the building that leads to smaller videos listed chronologically up until the end of the night stay. 
The last video would be the longest, covering my views, thoughts, and experience within the building as a whole. The smaller videos will describe and show certain parts of the building and then link them to other colleges ghost stories and haunted places, while possibly explaining how liminal spaces affect this perspective/belief in the first place.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Various Project Ideas


- Ghost in the girl's restroom in the art building
I'd use footage and images. I'd probably put all of this together in a sort of documentary sense. Am I allowed to sleep in the bathroom for a night? Because recording myself doing that would actually be fun to do in order to 'investigate' the ghost issue.
Maybe it's an entity instead. Some sort of SCP creature would make a good one too.

- The effect of teleportation/ A teleportation space within one of the buildings
I'd use footage, simulated data, and other people to create fake interactions with the space.
I'd do a lot of video editing.
An alternative route would be a sole person's ability to do this, which leads to my next idea:

- Specific buildings and students in specific majors allowing people to do otherworldy/supernatural things within them and nowhere else.
Footage, Fake Statements, some Audio Recordings to go over images I'd display. I'd also need other people of course to 'attempt' some of these activities.
Examples: - a girl's reflection refuses to appear in the mirror of the common's restrooms
                  - guy can't enter one of the buildings (engineering building), as in he can step into the door but once he's all the way in he comes right back out.
                 - person can telepathically grab a drink from the vending machine in the wellness center
                 - anytime someone tries to log into a computer in the Skylab they only get a static/glitchy screen
This idea would require the most work, but would also look really cool.
Most of these excluding the SCP effect would be in a multi-formatted form featuring stuff such as actual photos, documents, and the respective video that would cover the whole thing.

-Disney vs. UWF: A geographical comparison
I compare various aspects of Disney World with UWF. I will make a map that closely resembles Disney's layout and use html to create a map-looking webpage that links to my various information such as parking ratios, waiting/food availability, prices in the bookstore/gift shops, assistance and hospitality, etc.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Website Storyboard

Do you love me? in a really pretty font with a colored background.
Links under it all say yes yes yes yes yes yes in red text that gradually descends to black as more pages are clicked. This can be about three to four before it leads to this one down here.  I was thinking of making the very last one a "no.", which takes you to the next page. Clicking on any of the yesses simply takes you to a pure white page with a sans serif "me too." in the center of the page. just under it, I'll place a white box (basically invisible) that can send you back to the initial page. 

Black screen with youtube icon in center
Click youtube icon and it plays a bunch of videos at once. I’ll turn down the opacity for each vid so that they layer over one another visually as well. I’mma make the video for it too. I’ll make it a few minutes long.
Do I need to include a volume warning if I make it a little loud??

Underneath it if you scroll down I could make it link to another page that’s all white in contrast to the all black one prior. The white features also white text that says “can you hear me?”, “are you listening?” “Why won’t you answer?” etc. You gotta highlight it to see the link, which is at the bottom of the page and needs to be scrolled down to as well.

Duuuude glitched out magical girl. Her head and middle have been almost completely vaporized from her body. Make it a gif! Use FireAlpaca. Audio in the background plays maybe echoey/slowed preCure theme music. 

Okay the last one can be a blue font with a period covering every part of the page. Only one has the link to the next page and the others have links to maybe 2 or 3 different pages that say “nope” and send you back to the page. The right dot can be on the very right but still inside the link mound.

The last page will feature audio I made mixing Man's Not Hot and the desert rain frog's noises. I will make a gif with its tiny little eyes playing static! The static will be the link and will take you back to the beginning. 

I might possibly include some easter eggs here and there in other links. There will be a LOT of links to use.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Photomontage Process

After a couple of derailings trying to blend things together and whatnot, I decided the best route to take would be the one I created when I was thinking about the angel design, sand the angel aspect.
I really like TV/Object headed people so it helped me feel really enthusiastic about the entire design when I chose to continue down that path.

Speaking on the general aspects of each design and how they connect, I wanted to do something that combines technology with animalistic and human characteristics.

My first design was the TV headed woman. I used the trick taught in the class where we cut out a part of the image and paste a duplicate over to imply a fitting image for her hand and changed the tv's hue in order to match the color tones of the picture in general. I gave her face a static design to emulate a sense of emptiness and the reptile tale as an aspect of the deception that occurred frequently in the 1950's. Using the technique demonstrated in class, I created a copy of the woman's hand to make the TV appear for fitting in the photo. The hardest part about creating this work was formatting the tail. I had to first separate the tail into parts, then blur them together and change the hue and saturation in order to make the sections blend both together and with the surrounding color tones.

My art history class discussed the non-secularism in Italy and other western countries so I felt having a classy woman with 'praying' mantis arms would fit the theme of linking human constructs to the animal world. The most difficult part of putting these together was getting the colors to match in a way that wasn't too obvious. I solved this by changing the curve of the image colors and also placing an oil pattern over the piece to give it an artsy look. I thought about changing the pasty skin of the exposed bosom but decided against it; many historical paintings feature overly pasty skin, so I feel this connects the time period I wanted to display with the art. As there were no computer-based items back then I saw no harm in providing the body with an older computer module.

I chose the man because I felt like just having women would be a little boring. I felt mixing the tire and the jukebox on his body demonstrates the aspects of someone you would find or the objects you would find at a gym. I felt more humorous about this piece.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Looking on gifs as someone who used to enjoy Harry Potter very much, I find myself feeling happy that we've managed to capture something that was once perceived as something magical and beyond human mastery that can now be used by anyone with any sort of internet access. Thousands of movies and shows have some of their best moments captured in these tiny capsules of tech. Even the glitchy aspects that affect gifs on occasion can be used to create something that connects to the audience. Gifs are very cool and wonderful.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Photomontage Project Ideas

I've been thinking of mixing something soft with something hard, like stuffed animals with dangerous real animal's attributes, or maybe something along old biblical depictions of angels with a touch of modern technology thrown in.

The first idea could be a sort of hydra, a bunch of plush animal heads attached to the body of a bear with patches of snake scale and colorful tufts of feathers covering its body. I could also give it horns trailing down its back.
Something in any proximity to this!

My other idea was something pertaining to a normal human body with the addition of a TON of eyes, some balls of light here and there, but with the head replaced with an old tv/computer set.

Something along the lines of this. I may mess with the length of whomever's arms I use so they go uncomfortably out of normal human proportions, but I'll think more about it as I begin collecting photos for it. All the eyes would be from different images as well. I'd most certainly spot heal any nsfw bits so I can add the additional body eyes. If we're allowed to add effects to it I'll make it look grainy and cracked. I've also actually been thinking about replacing the arms with long strands of wires, but that might be a tad too much to work with so I'll think about it.

Considering the last piece, I was thinking of doing something with spider legs. Something like a cow with big long spider legs would look pretty funny I assume. I'll consider more options as I look into it.

Once we discuss things in class I'm sure I will come up with more ideas.