Monday, January 15, 2018

Photomontage Project Ideas

I've been thinking of mixing something soft with something hard, like stuffed animals with dangerous real animal's attributes, or maybe something along old biblical depictions of angels with a touch of modern technology thrown in.

The first idea could be a sort of hydra, a bunch of plush animal heads attached to the body of a bear with patches of snake scale and colorful tufts of feathers covering its body. I could also give it horns trailing down its back.
Something in any proximity to this!

My other idea was something pertaining to a normal human body with the addition of a TON of eyes, some balls of light here and there, but with the head replaced with an old tv/computer set.

Something along the lines of this. I may mess with the length of whomever's arms I use so they go uncomfortably out of normal human proportions, but I'll think more about it as I begin collecting photos for it. All the eyes would be from different images as well. I'd most certainly spot heal any nsfw bits so I can add the additional body eyes. If we're allowed to add effects to it I'll make it look grainy and cracked. I've also actually been thinking about replacing the arms with long strands of wires, but that might be a tad too much to work with so I'll think about it.

Considering the last piece, I was thinking of doing something with spider legs. Something like a cow with big long spider legs would look pretty funny I assume. I'll consider more options as I look into it.

Once we discuss things in class I'm sure I will come up with more ideas.

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