Monday, February 5, 2018

Photomontage Process

After a couple of derailings trying to blend things together and whatnot, I decided the best route to take would be the one I created when I was thinking about the angel design, sand the angel aspect.
I really like TV/Object headed people so it helped me feel really enthusiastic about the entire design when I chose to continue down that path.

Speaking on the general aspects of each design and how they connect, I wanted to do something that combines technology with animalistic and human characteristics.

My first design was the TV headed woman. I used the trick taught in the class where we cut out a part of the image and paste a duplicate over to imply a fitting image for her hand and changed the tv's hue in order to match the color tones of the picture in general. I gave her face a static design to emulate a sense of emptiness and the reptile tale as an aspect of the deception that occurred frequently in the 1950's. Using the technique demonstrated in class, I created a copy of the woman's hand to make the TV appear for fitting in the photo. The hardest part about creating this work was formatting the tail. I had to first separate the tail into parts, then blur them together and change the hue and saturation in order to make the sections blend both together and with the surrounding color tones.

My art history class discussed the non-secularism in Italy and other western countries so I felt having a classy woman with 'praying' mantis arms would fit the theme of linking human constructs to the animal world. The most difficult part of putting these together was getting the colors to match in a way that wasn't too obvious. I solved this by changing the curve of the image colors and also placing an oil pattern over the piece to give it an artsy look. I thought about changing the pasty skin of the exposed bosom but decided against it; many historical paintings feature overly pasty skin, so I feel this connects the time period I wanted to display with the art. As there were no computer-based items back then I saw no harm in providing the body with an older computer module.

I chose the man because I felt like just having women would be a little boring. I felt mixing the tire and the jukebox on his body demonstrates the aspects of someone you would find or the objects you would find at a gym. I felt more humorous about this piece.

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