Monday, February 19, 2018

Website Storyboard

Do you love me? in a really pretty font with a colored background.
Links under it all say yes yes yes yes yes yes in red text that gradually descends to black as more pages are clicked. This can be about three to four before it leads to this one down here.  I was thinking of making the very last one a "no.", which takes you to the next page. Clicking on any of the yesses simply takes you to a pure white page with a sans serif "me too." in the center of the page. just under it, I'll place a white box (basically invisible) that can send you back to the initial page. 

Black screen with youtube icon in center
Click youtube icon and it plays a bunch of videos at once. I’ll turn down the opacity for each vid so that they layer over one another visually as well. I’mma make the video for it too. I’ll make it a few minutes long.
Do I need to include a volume warning if I make it a little loud??

Underneath it if you scroll down I could make it link to another page that’s all white in contrast to the all black one prior. The white features also white text that says “can you hear me?”, “are you listening?” “Why won’t you answer?” etc. You gotta highlight it to see the link, which is at the bottom of the page and needs to be scrolled down to as well.

Duuuude glitched out magical girl. Her head and middle have been almost completely vaporized from her body. Make it a gif! Use FireAlpaca. Audio in the background plays maybe echoey/slowed preCure theme music. 

Okay the last one can be a blue font with a period covering every part of the page. Only one has the link to the next page and the others have links to maybe 2 or 3 different pages that say “nope” and send you back to the page. The right dot can be on the very right but still inside the link mound.

The last page will feature audio I made mixing Man's Not Hot and the desert rain frog's noises. I will make a gif with its tiny little eyes playing static! The static will be the link and will take you back to the beginning. 

I might possibly include some easter eggs here and there in other links. There will be a LOT of links to use.

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