Sunday, April 8, 2018

Project Proposal

  • Project Proposal
  • A study on the liminal spacial qualities of the Fine Arts Building (Building 82) at night, with a focus on the paranormal/supernatural aspects of the building and their effects as the night progresses. 
  • A personal stay within the building for a night period
           Both outside and Interior map of Building 82

           Liminal Space Research   

    Books focusing on the concept of ghosts on college campuses
    Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses. By Elizabeth Tucker

      Colleges focusing on their own lore

I will be collecting footage of the building demonstrating its work as a liminal space, its subject as the possible home for spirits or other supernatural beings, and the effects of liminal space and limited interaction with another human being for thirteen hours or more (9pm-10am is the estimated staying time).

I would create an interactive site that features a short introductory video and an interactive map of the building that leads to smaller videos listed chronologically up until the end of the night stay. 
The last video would be the longest, covering my views, thoughts, and experience within the building as a whole. The smaller videos will describe and show certain parts of the building and then link them to other colleges ghost stories and haunted places, while possibly explaining how liminal spaces affect this perspective/belief in the first place.

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