Monday, April 2, 2018

Various Project Ideas


- Ghost in the girl's restroom in the art building
I'd use footage and images. I'd probably put all of this together in a sort of documentary sense. Am I allowed to sleep in the bathroom for a night? Because recording myself doing that would actually be fun to do in order to 'investigate' the ghost issue.
Maybe it's an entity instead. Some sort of SCP creature would make a good one too.

- The effect of teleportation/ A teleportation space within one of the buildings
I'd use footage, simulated data, and other people to create fake interactions with the space.
I'd do a lot of video editing.
An alternative route would be a sole person's ability to do this, which leads to my next idea:

- Specific buildings and students in specific majors allowing people to do otherworldy/supernatural things within them and nowhere else.
Footage, Fake Statements, some Audio Recordings to go over images I'd display. I'd also need other people of course to 'attempt' some of these activities.
Examples: - a girl's reflection refuses to appear in the mirror of the common's restrooms
                  - guy can't enter one of the buildings (engineering building), as in he can step into the door but once he's all the way in he comes right back out.
                 - person can telepathically grab a drink from the vending machine in the wellness center
                 - anytime someone tries to log into a computer in the Skylab they only get a static/glitchy screen
This idea would require the most work, but would also look really cool.
Most of these excluding the SCP effect would be in a multi-formatted form featuring stuff such as actual photos, documents, and the respective video that would cover the whole thing.

-Disney vs. UWF: A geographical comparison
I compare various aspects of Disney World with UWF. I will make a map that closely resembles Disney's layout and use html to create a map-looking webpage that links to my various information such as parking ratios, waiting/food availability, prices in the bookstore/gift shops, assistance and hospitality, etc.

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